The Extrusion Wait is History!

We are happy to announce that The Extrusion Wait is History!  Our non-compete agreement with an American Extruder Manufacturer is history.  But the 2 year “quiet time” came in handy as we could attend to issues we know are important to our customers.  The challenge of supplying Extrusion Solutions to a modern-day Food and Feed Extrusion Industry, kept our hearts passionate and our minds working throughout this period. Extruded Products 1

 Our Extrusion Background

  1. During the past 25 years we travelled to and worked in more than 50 countries around the world.  We learned to work across the borders of countries and cultures and in the process learned a lot about what people need and what people want.  A complete Capability Profile is available on our website.
  2. We worked with companies small and large; Research Institutes and Universities; The American Soybean Association and Human Food Relief Programmes.
  3. Our passion has always been understanding the science behind extrusion on the one hand, and the commercial requirements for extruded products on the other hand.  This was the driving force behind our Research and Development work, improving and designing Extruders and Extrusion Process Plants.
  4. Our strengths in Project Management played a key role in helping many customers establishing Extrusion Plants successfully around the world.
  5. We have 25 years experience training Extruder Operators and Commissioning Extrusion Plants around the world.
  6. We assisted numerous customers Trouble Shooting their Extrusion Operations and finding solutions that could fast track their commercial success.
  7. We designed a great number of complete Extrusion Plants for various extrusion applications.
  8. We supplied extrusion equipment carefully to suit application and customer budgets.
  9. During our 25 year involvement, we served the following Extrusion Industry Sectors:
    1. Oilseed Processing
      • “Full Fat” Extruded oilseed meal as well as extruded / mechanically expelled oilseed meal
      • Vegetable oil refining
      • Biodiesel manufacturing
    2. Extruded Petfood Manufacturing
    3. Extruded Aquatic Feed Manufacturing
    4. Extruded By-Product Processing
    5. Extruded Human Foods such as:
      • RTE (Ready-to-Eat) Breakfast Cereals
      • TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) including TSP (Textured Soy Protein)
      • Corn-Soy Blends and other foods of value to Human Food Relief Programs

The Difference We Can Make

There are thousands of Food and Feed Manufacturers around the world using High Shear Extruders (also referred to as “Dry” Extruders or “Low Cost Extruders”) making a range of feed and food products.  We are well aware of your challenges using High Shear Extruders.  We now offer solutions to many of these challenges that will…..

  1. lower Wear / Spare Part Cost
  2. give you more flexibility in terms of the Raw Materials you can use and the Extruded Products you can make.

These solutions have a big effect on lowering Operating Cost while increasing Marketing Opportunities (especially Shaped Products) and include:

  1. Replaceable Barrel Liners – greatly reduces Wear Part Cost and Shipping Cost as you do not have to replace the Barrel Housing or Compression Chamber anymore.
  2. Split Barrels – we offer Split Barrel options for Compression Chambers / Barrel Housings that greatly assists in disassembling an extruder barrel.  This minimises the cost of down-time during unwanted blockages.
  3. Complete Medium Shear Barrel Kits – these fit onto your existing High Shear / Dry / Low Cost Extruder (Millbank / MILTENZ / JSC / Insta-Pro) and converts it into a Medium Shear Extruder.  Medium Shear is the required technology should you want to make shaped products successfully (Petfood / Aquatic Feed / some Human Foods).  It will also allow you to make use of a wider range of raw materials (making “least cost formulation” more achievable) thereby cutting raw material costs substantially.

Visit the hp dezign website today to learn more about Wear Parts and Medium Shear Barrel Kits we have on offer.

Please contact us to discuss challenges with you current operation or your requirements for a new operation.