High Shear

Extruders work on the basis of frictional heat generation between internal extruder barrel Spare & Wear Parts
components and the feedstock (ingredients and formulations we are extruding).  Inevitably wear of extruder barrel components is part of this process.

Extruder performance is maximised when wear parts are new.  In other words, when the internal geometry or dimensions of parts are as new (as designed).  Wear Parts start wearing down as soon as the extruder goes into operation.  Extruder performance is negatively affected as wear takes place.  Two of the most prominent signs of a drop in performance are:

  1. Decrease in Capacity.  This leads to an increase in operational cost per ton produced
  2. Decrease in Quality of end product.  As parts wear down, operational conditions will change with it.  The specific operational conditions for a specific process is the major factor in achieving the desired end product quality.

It is therefore important to maintain extruders well and operate them at optimal conditions.  Apart from general maintenance, extruder wear parts should be replaced or re-arranged at the right time, and depending on the process and ingredients we are processing.

hp dezign offers wear part solutions for High Shear and Medium Shear Extruders.

Complete list of improved Wear Components fitting brands like MILTENZ; Millbank; Insta-Pro and copies of these extruders.  Apart from the normal range of Wear & Spare Parts that we supply for these extruders, we also have the following innovative improvements available:Choke Plates / Steamlocks

  1. Split Barrels – this means Barrels could be re-used and only the internal Barrel Liners need to be replaced.  Split Barrels leads to savings in both wear part cost and shipping cost (lower weight)
  2. Replaceable Barrel Liners – these are all that needs to be replaced when worn down.  Different designs are available
  3. Single Intake Screw – designed to ensure positive feeding of the barrel.  Replaces the old “three-piece-intake-screw” design that was troublesome to disassemble
  4. Different Pressure Screw Designs – Single Flight, Double Flight and screws for cereal processing (starch gelatinisation and dextrinisation)
  5. Shaft Extension Kitsets – to allow for altering barrel length to suit processing requirements

Contact hp dezign with your specific Wear Part requirements.