Food and Feed Processing


A growing global population and a decrease in available land space for food production and processing, all ask for smarter, more professional solutions for Food and Feed Processing. 

Food & Feed Processing

Feed & Food Processing Facilities may range from Simple Grain Handling Facilities to very Specific Processing Plants

Food and Feed Producers supplying these needs range from small operations with limited resources, to multi national companies. Together with our International Network of Credible Consultants and Suppliers, we cater for the entire spectrum of potential customers in the Food and Feed Industries.

Once the Scope of a Project has been determined, a team of Suppliers and Consultants may be pulled into one Project Team as each Case require.  Each project typically goes through all or some of the following Project Development Stages :

  • Project Planning and assistance with Processing Options and Alternatives
  • Process Flow Design with Cost Estimations.  The following image shows a typical Process Flow Diagram used to define a specific Process and how it is Controlled.  The Process Flow Diagram is also key in ensuring all Equipment and Control Devices necessary to make the process function as designed are specified.  We may go through several phases of Process Design with our customer before confirming the Process and Specifying the Equipment required.
Process Flow Diagram

A Typical Process Flow Diagram

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Proposal reflecting Engineering Design with Equipment Specifications and Pricing
  • Equipment Supply
  • Project Management
  • Construction and Installation Supervision
  • Technology Transfer & Training
Typical Feed Mill Conceptual Design

Typical Conceptual Feed Mill Design

The Conceptual Drawing Example above is typically our starting point for new Food or Feed Processing Projects.  Drawings become more and more detailed as the Project develops and become a source of information for Decision Makers, Suppliers of Equipment, Contractors and other Consultants involved in the Project.