Extrusion Process Design

The Extruder is the heartbeat of any Extrusion Plant.  However, Process Design and choice of equipment and processes before and after the extruder greatly affects:

  1. processing costs
  2. the nutritional and physical characteristics of the final product
  3. the effect on the environment (Dust pollution, sound pollution, odour pollution, etc)
  4. feed safety

The following lists some of the factors we consider when designing a specific extrusion process:

  1. The type and condition of raw materials to be used
  2. The formulations to be used
  3. Market requirements in terms of physical and nutritional characteristics of end product.
  4. Required plant size
  5. Process control
  6. Options for future expansion
  7. Ergonomics or user-friendliness of the plant during operation and maintenance
  8. Keeping Capital and Operational Cost to a minimum

    Process Flow Diagram

    A Typical Process Flow Diagram used to define the Process and how it is controlled. The Process Flow Diagram is also Key in ensuring all Equipment and Devices necessary to make the Process work are specified