TOVALIA Process Moisture Auditing Service

Hennie Pieterse, hp dezign

We all agree that unnecessary moisture loss during processing can have a negative effect on

  • how the processing plant operates;
  • nutritional outcome of the final product when specific process moisture is required for processing certain ingredients or formulations;
  • overall processing plant economy.  We purchase and accept into the processing plant ingredients at a certain  moisture content.  Losing unnecessary moisture during processing and before packaging or bagging simply means that we loose both weight and money.

Moisture Auditing can help us understanding and managing this problem.  Managing the problem “on-line” helps us to prevent unnecessary quality problems or processing losses.

The Tovalia Moisture Auditing Service compares the actual moisture profile with the measured moisture profile and then propose a technical “online solution” that is both cost effective and feasible. Moist Audit Example

Moisture Auditing Service

Tovalia / hp dezign designed a Moisture Auditing Service assisting customers to map the moisture profile of their specific process.  The service involves :

  1. A Site visit to analyse the existing customer process;
  2. Mapping the desired moisture profile at pre-determined Critical Control Points and based on own and customer experience and requirements;
  3. Measuring the actual moisture profile at the same Critical Control Points;
  4. Plotting the desired and actual results;
  5. Analysing the results to determine the best placement of Tovalia Moisture Sensor(s);
  6. Specifying and costing a solution to meet the specific customer process requirements;
  7. Confirming feasibility of the proposed solution;
  8. Providing the customer with a full report & proposal for rectification of an existing system or installing a new system.

Moisture Auditing ProfileThere are several online moisture control systems in operation in feed mills around the world.  However, many of these are not in use as a result of poorly designed or the wrong type of Moisture Sensors.  Tovalia can supply Tovalia Moisture Sensors to interface with existing factory systems supplied by other Suppliers.  (Please see a seperate Blog dealing with the issue of Moisture Sensor Types)

Advantages to Customer

  1. A first-hand understanding of the moisture profile in customer’s processing plant;
  2. Finding a new moisture management solution or upgrading an existing one;
  3. A full understanding of the required process, equipment and required investment;
  4. A Feasibility analysis confirming the proposed solution has an acceptable payback.

The Tovalia / hp dezign moisture auditing service could in general be executed in 1 to 3 days.  Contact Tovalia / hp dezign to discuss your specific situation and to make a booking.