Medium Shear Barrel Kit

We have customers around the world trying to use High Shear Extruders to make feeds like Petfoods and Aquatic Feeds.  Working with these customers over a period of more than 20 years taught us the following:

  1. High Shear Extruders were not designed to produce shaped feeds and shaping success is limited.
  2. Feed Millers are bound to very specific formulations and ingredients in order to enjoy some shaping success with High Shear Extruders.  This works against the “Least Cost Formulation” approach Modern-day feed mills are following

hp dezign now offers a solution to Operators of High Shear Extruders that will allow them to retrofit a Medium Shear Barrel Kit to existing High Shear Extruders, such as Millbank / MILTENZ / Insta-Pro and associated copies.Medium Shear Barrel Kit

“Medium Shear Barrel Kits” could be supplied as a complete Shaft and Bearing Housing Assembly, complete with all components necessary to operate in the “Medium Shear” region.  Our “Medium Shear Barrel Kit” solution addresses all the parameters that are a function of Shear Rate.  A Medium Shear Barrel Kit may include all or part of the following (depending on the specific High Shear Extruder to be converted):

  1. Shaft & Bearing Housing Assembly
  2. Shaft Extension Kit
  3. Split Barrels
  4. Quick Latch Clamp Assemblies
  5. Options for Barrel Heating and Cooling
  6. Specifically designed screw profiles for Intake and Cooking
  7. Replaceable Barrel Liners with three different profiles for feeding, cooking, kneading and conveying
  8. Complete Cutter Head Assemblies
  9. Dies and Die Inserts designed for specific applications

Contact us today for a complete or partial solution to meet your specific needs.