Industrial Design


hp dezign uses 2 and 3 Dimensional CAD Programs to provide Industrial Design Services and Assistance.  We firstly serve our own Customers, but also supply these services to other Consultants such as Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Architects and Industrial Artists and Manufacturers of Equipment.

Our Design Work typically evolves from Conceptual Design through to Engineering Design.  During this process, we supply Designs and Drawings for Presentations, Decision-making, Process Design, Manufacturing and Fabrication of Equipment, and Installation of Equipment.

Once a Customer has signed off on Design Work, hp dezign could take the leading role in Specifying and Supply of Components for the Equipment we designed or Complete Equipment Solutions for the Processes we designed.

Mechanical Equipment & Component Design

We are experienced in the design of Mechanical Equipment used in Food and Feed Processing, Animal Husbandry, Agriculture and Aquaculture.  We are always eager getting involved in new Projects and enjoy a new challenge.

Civil Engineering & Architectural Design

hp dezign has sound experience in Structural Engineering and in particular Structures that relate to the Industries we serve.  At the same time we believe that Structures and Buildings in these Industries could and should have Architectural Flair as well.  We therefore welcome working closely with Architects on Projects that require both Engineering and Architectural Design Input.

Industrial Styling and Industrial Art

There is no reason why Equipment and Structures relating to the Industries we are serving, should be without “Style” or Aesthetic Appeal.  A good design could and should look good as well.  We believe well Designed and Engineered Machines and Equipment are to a large extent pieces of Art.  At hp dezign, we approach each Project we are involved in not only as a Solution where our Design Work accounts for Functionality, Engineering Integrity, Reasonable Costs and good Ergonomics, but we pay special attention to the Aesthetical side as well.