What we do

hp dezign is a “dezign” company specializing in many aspects of design, including :

  • Conceptual Design
  • Process Design
  • Engineering Design (Mechanical & Civil)
  • Artistic Design (Mainly Industrial, but we would also work closely with Architects)

hp dezign firmly believes that a good design should not only be functional and cost-effective, but that it could be…..and should be, a beautiful creation as well.

We use our design experience and expertise serving international Customers, Companies and Consultants in the following Industries :

  • Food & Feed Process Engineering
  • Engineering of Animal Husbandry & Aquaculture Systems
  • Engineering of Integrated Agriculture, Aquaculture and Industrial Systems
  • Industrial Design Services to other Designers, Engineers and Architects

Our Design Services are supported by a Professional and Commercial Approach to satisfying the requirements of those we serve, and include:

  • Project Scope Definition and assistance with Business Modelling
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Proposals
  • Equipment Specification
  • Equipment Supply
  • Project Management
  • Construction and Installation Supervision
  • Commissioning & Technology Transfer

Lastly, and most importantly, we build Relationships.  Becoming an hp dezign customer means you have a Professional Business Partner and source of information and assistance helping you grow Commercial Success throughout the lifespan of your business.