Support Services


Customers have a wide range of requirements when establishing New Projects.  We therefore supply the following Support Services in addition to the Engineering and Design Services already discussed:

Marketing Plans & Strategies

We have a unique and effective approach to Marketing that helps our customers focus on issues of commercial importance right from the beginning in their Project Life Cycle.  We work very closely with our customer to determine the factors that will critically effect Product Design and Equipment Supply, and then model our Design & Equipment Solution around it.      

Feasibility Studies

We conduct Feasibility Studies to help customers understand the Financial Performance of various aspects of the intended business.  However, commercial success does not depend on calculation of Financial Ratios only.  In addition, we use also conduct a Sensitivity Analysis to enhance and refine the outcome of a Feasibility Study.  Such a study points out the important “what if’s” of the Real World and how it may potentially effect the intended business.  This    

hp dezign uses  feedback form Marketing Strategies, Feasibility Studies and Sensitivity Analysis as input to Design and Equipment Solutions for our customers.

Project Management 

We realise that once a customer has committed to a project, managing Project Tasks so that Activities are completed according to Specification as well as Timely and within Budget, is of utmost importance.  We can tailor this service according to customer requirements and can take the leading role or jump onboard as a Member of a Project Team.  We use a unique approach to Project Management making sure deliverables are achieved without wasting time. 

Example Project Plan

Proper Project Planning ensures we deliver on-time

Start-up & Commissioning Services

Assisting customers with Design of plants and facilities, supply of Equipment and establishment of Projects is only part of what is needed for commercial success.  hp dezign ensures that our customer’s Plant and Facility Operators are properly trained to run and maintain the Plant and Equipment supplied.  Once the Project Establishment Phase is completed, we arrange for a single or a team of Commissioning Technicians to ensure all Supply have been correctly installed, and that our customer’s Operators are properly trained to ensure the Plant or Facilities does what it was designed to do.