Tovalia wins an Innovation Award at VICTAM 2015

Our Supplier Tovalia wins an Innovation Award at VICTAM 2015.  Congratulations to Olafur Jonsson and his team!

The award was given to Tovalia for applying their iScan Silo Moisture Sensor Technology to accurately measure several important processing parameters during extrusion processing of Aquatic Feeds.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 7.50.07 amMicrowave Technology

The Tovalia iScan Moisture Sensor is based on Microwave Technology and accurately; on-line and continuously measures processing parameters such as

  1. moisture content of feedstock before pre-conditioning and extrusion.  This knowledge is continuously used through Software and a Moisture Addition System to ensure moisture content of feedstock going into the extruder is always constant (as set or pre-determined by the operator) resulting in exceptionally stable extruder operation, and hence consistent extruded products;
  2. density of individually extruded pellets;
  3. pellet diameter;
  4. shininess of pellets after fat coating to determine oil absorption efficiency.

The same technology has also been used in fish counting while transferring fish or fry by means of a fish pump from one culture compartment to another.

Moisture Sensor Design makes the difference

Various designs and technologies are used to continuously sense moisture in feed manufacturing processes.  However, not all of them are equally successful.  Poorly designed Sensors can lead to frequent maintenance procedures and may ask for frequent calibration as formulations change.  All of these issues are eliminated by the specific design of Tovalia Moisture Sensors.

Visit our Blog Page to read more about Moisture Measurement Sensors in Animal Feed and Online Moisture Measurement in general,  or visit the Tovalia Website  for more information.