PTN joins successful Triott Group

Press Release

PTN joins successful Triott Group 

…………..All disciplines for the mixed-food industry now under one umbrella

3 December 2012, Schijndel, The Netherlands.  On 1 January 2013 the Triott Group – well known as the parent company of Ottevanger Milling Industry, Wynveen International, Inteqnion and TSC – will acquire a majority share in PTN in Schijndel (The Netherlands). Ernst Jan Ottevanger, director of the Triott Group: “This will make the Triott Group broader and more complete than ever.” 


The new collaboration with PTN is also attractive to customers of Ottevanger Milling Industry, Wynveen International, Inteqnion and TSC. Willem de Vaan, director of Wynveen International: “If you buy machinery from other companies, you have little influence over this. But by using the in-house expertise of each of our companies we can now modify the main machines for complete production lines. We have no doubt that this will shortly result in highly innovative projects,” says De Vaan.


Ernst Jan Ottevanger also believes that the collaboration will have major advantages on the international market. “This makes turnkey production, which is very popular abroad, increasingly easier. We now have everything we need in house,” says Ottevanger. PTN too can take on larger (turnkey) projects thanks to the collaboration. “In the past we restricted ourselves to just machinery sales and had to turn down requests for more wide-ranging jobs. But now we can take them on unhesitatingly,” says Van Benthum.

Doing business with trusted contacts

The Triott Group will consist of five equal subsidiaries. Each of the associated companies will retain its own identity, but at an international level they can call on support from each other. Marty van Benthum, director of PTN: “This structure, with equal companies together making up the Triott Group, is ideal. Our customers will continue to do business with their trusted contacts, while at the same time PTN – thanks to the support of the other companies – will be able to take on projects that were previously outside its scope, while retaining its own DNA.”


Since 1974 Pelleting Technology Nederland (PTN) has been a global player in the development, engineering, production, sale and servicing of pelleting presses and related machinery for the mixed-food, recycling and biomass industries. PTN is an expert in the conditioning, pressing and crumbling of feed. None of the other Triott Group subsidiaries has any in-house expertise in the production of the main machinery needed for this. This makes PTN a very valuable addition to the Group.

The Triott Group

The Triott Group specialises in the design and construction of machinery and installations for the cereal-processing and mixed-food industries. Over the last few decades the Triott Group has carried out a great many international projects : machinery and installations for mixed feeds, premixes, additives, fish food, pet food, flour mills and the processing of cereals and seeds. Ongoing research, active development and shrewd innovation ensure that the company retains its leading position in the international market.

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