Press Release : Technochem joins hp dezign Network as Supplier

The hp dezign Network of Suppliers expands further with the addition of Technochem International, INC.   Technochem is a specialist Engineering Company focussing on the design and supply of complete plants for Vegetable Oil Refining and Biodiesel Manufacturing.  Technochem has a 40 year history of supplying Oil Processing Solutions to customers world-wide.


 Hennie Pieterse from hp dezign says : “ I know and worked with Dr Sanjeev Agarwal for 12 years and I am excited representing Technochem and helping customers in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia finding Oil Processing Solutions that can add value to their businesses”.

Understanding Customer Needs

Technochem’s approach to customer satisfaction is centered around the needs of Customers when establishing Oil Processing Solutions and include:

  1. Education
  2. Customized Design Solutions
  3. Capital and Operating Cost optimization
  4. Technical Advice
  5. Installation Supervision
  6. Commissioning and Training of Personnel
  7. After-Sales Support

hp dezign will play a key role in defining specific Customer Requirements and communicating potential solutions from the Technochem Team.

Typical Design and Equipment Supply Solutions

Careful assessment of the Project Scope leads to optimized design and equipment solutions for:

  1. Vegetable Oil Refining Plants
  2. Degumming Plants
  3. Bleaching Plants
  4. Deodorizing Plants
  5. De-waxing Plants
  6. Biodiesel Plants
  7. Esterification Plants
  8. Trans-Esterification Plants
  9. Methanol Rectification Plants
  10. Biodiesel Distillation Plants

Opportunities Down Under!

Australia, New Zealand and South-East Pacific produce vast quantities of Vegetable Oil ranging from Canola to Soy and Palm.  There are great opportunities for adding value to Vegetable Oils serving the Human Food, Animal Feed and Industrial Sectors.  Please visit the Technochem International, INC website or contact hp dezign to discuss your specific requirements.