Press Release : Intelscan restructured as Tovalia-Intelscan

Intelscan, the hp dezign Online Moisture Control Technology Supplier from Iceland underwent Structural changes.


hp dezign notifies all customers that our Technology Partner Intelscan restructured to form a new Company with greater capabilities serving our Customers.  A Company Spokesman says…..

“Intelscan is closing down operations in Iceland.  The company founder and inventor of the iScan system, Olafur Jonsson, relocated to France and opened a new company, called Tovalia-Intelscan sarl.  The new company will be even better positioned to serve the industry from a base in central Europe.  The product range has been expanded and further improved with additional effort in product development over the last 12 months.  Intelscan customers will be able to seek service from Tovalia-Intelscan sarl.  Please visit for further information about products that meet your needs.”