Containerised Feed Plant Options in ASEAN Region

Hennie Pieterse, hp dezign

Ottevanger, Inteqnion and the other Sister Companies of the TRIOTT Group (Wynveen, PTN & TSC Silo) are determined to establish a strong presence in Asia-Pacific.  The company has relationships with several Representatives in the Asia Pacific Region of which hp dezign (Australia & New Zealand) is one. Ottevanger built several Feed Plants around the Asia Pacific Region and demand is on the increase.  A News Release in the Sep – Oct 2013 issue of Grain & Feed Milling Technology features a Case Study of Ottevanger in the ASEAN Region.  In the article a discussion follows focussing on Containersied Feed Plants.

Please also see our latest Blog “Does a Containerised Feed Plant make sense for what you have in mind?” for a discussion on Containerised Feed Plants. A Containerised Feed Plant might be the ideal solution for the New Plant or Plant Expansion you are planning.  hp dezign and Ottevanger are ready to help you decide whether a Containerised Feed Plant is the right solution for the application you have in mind.  Contact us today to discuss.

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