ALMEX joined the Triott Group

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ALMEX joined the Triott Group of Companies.  ALMEX is renowned for their innovation in the Expansion and Extrusion Industries.

The Triott Group of Companies is the Parent Company of Ottevanger Milling Engineers, Wynveen International, Inteqnion, TSC, PTN and now also ALMEX.

The daily business of ALMEX will still be driven by Jaap and Robbert Veenendaal, the previous sole owners of ALMEX.  The new structuring of ALMEX within the Triott Group, will lead to new opportunities in serving the animal feed industries with expertise and experience and will further widen the Triott Group’s capabilities as a truly Single-Source-of Supply.  It will also help ALMEX expanding their market focus and further developing their capabilities.

Triott Group of Companies