Integrated Agriculture and Aquaculture Systems

hp dezign feels very strong about minimising our Effect on the Environment; optimising the use of Available Resources, and utilising By-Products from Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture Systems as well as Food and Feed Processing Plants.   We therefore have a very keen interest in Integrated Agriculture and Aquaculture Systems.   

Greenhouse - Aquaculture Integration

Greenhouse Technology and Aquaculture Integrates very well

Integration of two or more Agricultural, Aquacultural or Industrial Activities may have a very positive effect on the environment and overall Project Feasibility.  There are many cases where the output of some Food and Feed Production Facilities could be used as input for creating another Commercially Successful Business.  Typical examples include:

  • Effluent from Animal Husbandry Systems could be utilized for the production of Algae or Organic Fertiliser production.
  • Aquaculture integrates perfectly with Hydroponic Systems
  • Warm water Aquaculture could be integrated with any activity producing Thermally Polluted Water (for example Power Stations)
  • Aquaculture could be integrated with Crop Farming to optimize water usage and minimize the use of Inorganic Fertiliser.  Floating Cages applied in storage ponds on farms in a typical Irrigation Scheme, has great potential.   Careful hydraulic design of water inlet and outlet to the floating cages will optimise culture conditions for Aquatic Species under consideration and the Fertiliser Value for the Irrigated Crop. Integrated Aquaculture - Irrigation